Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bay Vista

Some people said that Bay Vista has better waffles than Max Brenner, so I (a huge fan of Max Brenner's waffle) was intrigued to try this place out. Located in Brighton le Sands, right across Brighton beach, you can almost smell the ocean right from the outdoor seating. Unfortunately, it was so windy when I was there and it was pretty cold. So outdoor seating wasn't an option. 

It was so hard to find parking spot that we had to park quite far from the cafe. But it is always nice to have a bit of a "work out" before bulking our tummy with sugar.

How bad do you wanna stick your tongue in this?

They have nice cake selections too!

And selections of delectable ice cream toppings!

Those are the bowls they used for "ice cream bowls". See that board in the middle? That was what I ordered, two waffles + vanilla ice cream + strawberries + bananas. I know it's very boring, but I had been seeing people posting this on #bayvista in Instagram, so it must be good.

Waffles with vanilla ice cream (AUD12), strawberries (AUD 3), bananas (AUD 3) and the chocolate from the fountain (T: AUD 18)

Is it better than Max Brenner's? Hmm... so hard to decide. Both are so delicious. Bay Vista's melted chocolate is not as sweet as MaxB's, so it won't make you chocolate-sick. The waffle itself is quite similar to Max Brenner's. So overall, I love this dish. I mean, how can you not like waffle, chocolate, strawberries and ice cream?

It is quite intimidating to choose from this menu board. But because I already Instagrammed (as always), I know what I want. Ice cream bowl! There are selections of size and flavor, but because most of it contains chocolate and I thought the waffle got enough chocolate already, me and my friends go for the Cool Ibiza, a more fruity, summery selection.

Cool Ibiza - Boysenberry, mango and coconut ice cream with peaches, mangoes, white chocolate buttons, whipped cream and passionfruit sauce ($19)

The passionfruit sauce on top adds such a zing. When you eat the cream with a bit of passionfruit sauce, you can't help but salivate, because the sauce was so sour yet so addicting. The boysenberry ice cream is sooo nice. Plus a very refreshing summer fruits adds to the freshness. And how cute is that bowl! It's like a giant wine glass. It's nothing I've ever seen in any dessert places in Sydney.

Italian latte with hazelnut spread (AUD 3.9?)

It was basically latte with Nutella on the side. Reminds me of nutella coffee that Bruschetteria 102 has. But it was quite a challenge to dissolve the Nutella into the coffee. Anyway, cute simple presentation. Not sure how this tasted cause my sister's fiancĂ© ordered this. But he didn't complain, so I'm guessing it's a pretty good coffee.

After satisfied with all the sweet treats, it's time to hit the beach!

By hit the beach, I mean walk to the beach and take pictures, lol. The weather were too cold to do any beach-y activities. But on a nice sunny warm day, Brighton beach would be an awesome place to sunbathe. I love the white sand, clear water and blue sky. I just love Aussie's beaches!


83 The Grand Parade
NSW 2216 Australia

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