Monday, February 10, 2014

Cafe Morso

Writing about Gaia has got me reminiscing about how good that risotto dish was. I know I said that I am not a risotto person, but then I remembered another good risotto dish in Cafe Morso! So here is the review of a cafe that has the best risotto I have ever eaten in Sydney.

Having breakfast and brunches with friends have been my favorite activity in Sydney. Not only do we get to visit new cute places, I get to be under the sun with colorful dishes. And my ultimate favorite thing other than cheese -- poached egg and sourdough. 

Here in Cafe Morso, I get all that. I got my friends, sun, poached egg, sourdough, cheese, and an extra point for hollandaise sauce! It is located in Jones Bay Wharf, overviewing tranquil Sydney Harbour view. You get a seaside dining experience right here.

The interior decor was a simple woody design, which really enhances the feeling that you are eating on a dock. It is always crowded, so it is a good idea to reserve a table ahead. And bring sunglasses if you are planning on sitting outdoor. 

You don't generally get sourdough as a side or complimentary... but as I craved sourdough so much that day (or always), I ordered a plate of toasted sourdough. Sadly, it didn't come with butter on the side. But the hollandaise sauce on the risotto had enough butter, so I was still happy. Haha.

Moroccan spiced lamb kofta, hommus, pickled carrot slaw, tomato jam, pita bread (AUD 20).
 This smelled super good. It was what my friend ordered, and because I am not a fan of lamb I didn't try it. But he said that it was good, so it's worth a try if you're a big fan of lamb.

Smoked pork, spinach, gruyere risotto , poached egg, hollandaise sauce (AUD 19). 

I like to think that this is the hero of Cafe Morso, at least for me. I love every single bit of this dish that I savor it to the last drop of hollandaise sauce. Not only did the creamy risotto had a perfect cheesiness from the gruyere and smokiness from the pork, it is topped with poached egg and hollandaise. It was like having Eggs Benedict with a great risotto to replace the English muffin. I'd absolutely be happy to go back to Cafe Morso for this.

Wagyu steak sandwich; green peppercorn butter, smoked mozzarella, chargrilled bacon, tomato, rocket, hand cut chips (AUD 20). 

I don't like giving bad review... so here's the positive side about this dish. The handcut chips were really nice, the wagyu was cooked perfect pink, and the bacon was nice. But then, the bread was chewy and hard, the wagyu was surprisingly chewy and not seasoned well. So it was such a shame, since it looked really nice.

Besides these dishes, I've seen some great dishes that people posted on Instagram. Such as their Bacon and egg gnocchi, baby herbs and truffle salt (AUD 17.5). and Sautéed wild mushrooms, truffled scrambled eggs, Sonoma sourdough (AUD 16.5). 16 Dollars for mushroom, scrambled eggs and sourdough, you can convince yourself that this dish uses the best and freshest ingredients. Here's a picture I stole from the Internet...

(credit goes to Jenny Lo from --

Cafe Morso really does know how to cook their eggs. Their menu is rather limited, but it is offset by the fact that their food has great quality.

Food: 8/10
Ambience: 9/10
Price: $$

Lower Deck (west side), Jones Bay Wharf,
26-32 Pirrama Road,
Pyrmont, NSW
Website Cafe Morso on Urbanspoon

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