Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gaia by OSO Ristorante

I finally got a chance to visit Altitude and see what the fuss is all about. Located in The Plaza office tower (the lift is located near the Plaza Indonesia exit, right behind the Louis Vuitton store). The great thing about Altitude is that is has three different restaurants in one place. You get to taste North Italian cuisine in Gaia by OSO Ristorante, modern Australian cuisine from Salt Grill, and Japanese seafood greatness in Enmaru. For people who know me, they know I adore Italian cuisine, so choosing Gaia is no question at all.

Talk about dining with a breath-taking view! I finally understood why this place is trending and everyone recommended me to try this restaurant. As I stepped out of the elevator, I was amazed by the design of the whole 46th floor. Surrounded by high ceiling windows overviewing the heart of Jakarta.

Say hello to one of the waiter... I have to comment on the service. The waiter/waitresses are very friendly and they have impeccable manners.

Complimentary bread: I love the one topped with cherry tomato, but the one on the right, not so much. The one on the right I think has been left out of the oven for too long that it is hard and chewy.

Roasted Cod Filet in Balsamic sauce served with rosemary potatoes (Rp 260.000++). 
Pardon the hidden rosemary potatoes as I took this picture in a rush because I am too excited (hungry) to dig in. This perfectly cooked Cod Filet is soooo moist and flaky. It is so rich in flavor, you can taste the seasoning in every flakes of the fish. The rosemary potatoes was okay, it was not intended to be mashed-potato smooth and had chunks of potatoes, well seasoned though.

Black truffle risotto with parmesan cheese (Rp 200.000++).
If I can say one thing about this dish... It's THE BOMB. I am not a big fan of risotto, but boy, this tasted amazing. You can definitely savour the bold taste of truffle in every bite. Pretty sure that this risotto uses top notch ingredients, the olive oil tasted nice complimenting the truffle. The texture was nice and creamy, but not too creamy to make you feel sick of finishing the whole plate. I took every bite from the beginning till the end happily. Nuff said.

70% hot dark chocolate tart "Crostata" with milk ice cream (Rp 75.000++)
A perfect combination of hot and cold in one dish. What dessert can be better than a hot chocolate cake (or tart) and vanilla ice cream? Drool.
When I cut this tart, the filling oozed out of the tart cases. Scrapped the filling, took the tart crust, a bit of ice cream. Oh, what a pleasant way to finish a meal. The combination of warm and soft dark chocolate filling, crunchy and slightly sweet crust, sweet and cold and soft vanilla ice cream. Doesn't get better than that. The taste of the filling kind of reminds me of the filling of a chocolate fondant cake, not too sweet with a strong chocolatey flavour.

Overall, it was a really nice dining experience. I love how the portion of the food is just right, not pretentious that it feels more like a snack than a meal. A little thing that kind of shocked me when I get the bill is this... at the beginning, the waiter offered us "still/sparkling" water, which is usually free when I am in Sydney. But turns out it costed us like Rp 55.000++ ($5) each for freakin still water. Lol. Not that big of a deal, but worth mentioning, lol.

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Price: $$$

The Plaza, 46th floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Kavling 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Ph: (62-21) 2992 2448

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