Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Devon Cafe: autumn dishes.

Today, I get to have brunch with two of my favorite girlfriends before class. I love Tuesdays because I only have 3-5 class and that means I get to sleep in or even better, go brunch!

Now now, I bet all brunch-lover in Sydney knows that Devon Cafe is as it has been very popular in Urbanspoon.com. What I love about Devon Cafe is that they always change their menu as the season change, although, I know a lot of people are so sad that they're not anymore serving 'Breakfast with Sakuma', their summer dish). But, it's not boring and it gets people coming back for more.

 The last time I went to Devon Cafe was to taste their last year's winter menu and they were aaaawe-some. Their popular citrus cured salmon with soft boiled egg is not my favorite, it's their Ultimate Toastie with shaved truffle that got me so sad when they changed their menu and I might not see that Ultimate Toastie anymore. I'm such a big sucker for truffles!

Anyway, this post will hopefully be able to take you on the journey I went today... Here we go...

So it was 11am in the morning and we went to Surry Hills to one of the most talked about cafe in Devonshire St to taste their autumn dishes...

Where the baristas do their magic...

Their cold drip...

Mocha  (AUD 4)

It was a really nicely brewed coffee. Strong, but not too strong, just nice. With a hint of chocolate flavor sweet enough to cut the bitterness of the coffee.

Ferrero Muffin  (AUD 4.5)

Yes, you read it right... Ferrero Rocher Muffin.
So me and my friends were extremely hungry and so we ordered a muffin while waiting for our food. Devon Cafe has a really nice selections of muffin, but when the owner of the cafe pointed out the Ferrero muffin,  we undoubtedly chose it.

It is irresistibly scrumptious. I mean, look at that generous Nutella on top and also the crumbed hazelnut. We immediately cut through it...

It was soft and moist in the inside, but magically super crispy on the top. It has nutella swirled in the middle and also dolloped on the top. The vanilla muffin itself is not sweet at all, but it tasted perfect together with the Nutella and the hazelnut crumb. Seriously, a must order muffin.

Croque Monsieur + egg (AUD 9.5)

 When I was choosing the muffin, they have selections of sandwiches on display too. So I ordered the croque monsieur and asked the very friendly owner to add a sunny side up egg. It almost became a croque madame. But sadly, there was no bechamel sauce in the croque monseiur. So this is basically just sourdough with ham, cheese and egg.

Chick N' Chips (AUD 25)

This was our favorite and we even 'stalked' this dish from Devon Cafe's instagram page the night before. We were deciding on what to order and I think it is always a good idea to do so. Cause it's better to be prepared, lol.

It has: Chicken provolone and porcin sausage, confit wing, fried egg seasoned with cured egg yolk (yum!), smoked potato (double yum!), crackling and jus.

It sounds as perfect as it tasted. It has a few elements and it was all very good. Perfectly executed and cute presentation. Must try!

Michelle Ma Belle (AUD 16)

French crepes, toffee apple, roasted chestnuts, chestnut cream, cinnamon and caramel ice cream. As soon as this came out, you can definitely smell the cinnamon. Big cinnamon fan, this is a dish for you... My friends loved it, but I only had few bites of these because the cinnamon was too strong for my palette. But overall, it was a good crepe dish.

Food: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Price: $$

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