Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three Blue Ducks, Bronte

Hello and happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a blessed week and a blessed week ahead :). So I have a routine after church and that is to have lunch with my friends at a place that none of us have been to. Either that or somewhere we craved for. So as planned the week before, we went to Three Blue Ducks at Bronte.

ps: I didn't bring my camera and so every photo in this post was taken by an iPhone camera :(

The place was packed when we arrived, but it took only 5 minutes for us to get a table. The waitstaff was very attentive.

 They have two stores as dining area separated with this beautiful alley in between...

Very picturesque!


It took no time for us to order, because while waiting we have seen what was the most ordered food here.

Steak sandwich with red pepper mayo, tomato, onion marmalade and rocket (AUD 19)

One thing that really makes this steak sandwich scrumptious and stands out is its red pepper mayo. I know it's only mayo, but dude, it was awesome! I can't describe how well it tasted in words, but I'm telling you it's very yummy. Even one of my friends said that it was the best steak sandwich he has even eaten, and he is a fan of steak sandwiches. So it's a definite must try!

To be honest, at first I thought it didn't look appetizing at all. Somehow the look of a sandwich sitting so lonely on a plate is not appetizing to me. But this sandwich changed my mind.

Glazed short rib, lemongrass, ginger, green mango, mint and cucumber salad (AUD 31)

No wonder this is a very popular dish that was ordered by most people besides the steak sandwich, it has a very appetizing smell as it came out of the kitchen and the rib alone looks perfect. The glazed short rib actually falls of the bone when you break it apart with a fork. All the spices had penetrated very well to the flesh. And the salad was very refreshing and tasted kind of like a Thai salad. 

A closer shot of the ribs.

The quality of the picture above sucks :( 
Bad timing not to bring my camera.

I had tried so hard to take a clearer picture, but I took too much picture already that my friends couldn't start eating, lol.

Salmon fish cake with salad and dip (AUD 31)

It was the special of the day, and I gotta say that 31 bucks for 2 pieces of fish cakes with salad is redonkulous. "Fish cake" here is more like a fish croquette, filled with potato much more than the salmon itself. But besides the price, it was a very good fish croquette. The salad on the side was nice and refreshing, plus the dip has a really nice taste. It can be a dip for the fish cake or dressing for the salad.

Here's the inside shot of the fish cake. It was crispy and perfectly seasoned.
Probably the fact that Andy from Masterchef Australia made this, makes this tasted nicer. Hey Andy you so fine! HAHA.


I recommend coming here in the morning before 11.30am for breakfast, because I think the breakfast menu was more appetizing.Would definitely be back for breakfast :). Lunch was okay, but the only memorable thing about this place is the steak sandwich, and Andy Allen HEHE.

Food: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Price: $$

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