Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bootsdarling, Darlinghurst

I went here last Sunday and it was a rainy morning, in fact it was raining the whole day. Is it just me or is rain very annoying? Especially when you have to walk through puddles and get splashed by the windblown rain, even when you're already wearing an umbrella. Rain is easily on the list of things that I hate, except when I'm at home sleeping.

So when I got here, I was half soaking wet and my mood is seriously as down as London Bridge. 
ps: all pictures taken by my iPhone again, so the quality is as good as 

Bootsdarling, located in South Dowling St, is a new cafe opening up early this year. Serving all day breakfast, it is one of the best new cafe in Sydney. 

They have that rustic cash register, which I think is pretty cool. 

The place itself is not that spacious, and it was quite packed when I got there. But the staff was attentive enough to find a way to squeeze us in to wait for available table. In the midst of us squeezing, I still manage to take a picture of how unique the interior is decorated. It has that woody-gardeny, rustic, atmosphere. very pretty.

View from the window seat. Nice for sipping coffee and their delicious selection of muffins.


Mocha (AUD 3.50)
Coffee bean sourced from Josh Bailey of Bailey Coffee in Melbourne, I think that it has a very nice aroma and body. If you opt for soy milk, they uses Bonsoy, which is the BEST soy milk to couple with coffee. Anyway, it was a good cuppa. Moodbooster? Yes, it is, I was then ready for food.

Bootsdarling baked egg
Another baked egg dish for brunch. This one has a nice tomato sauce base and on top it was crumbled with feta cheese, which gives it a tangy flavor, and toasted almond, which gives you the crunch. Served with toasted sourdough, there's nothing I can complain about this dish. It was a good Moroccan baked egg.

Steak 'sandwich'
Served on a nicely toasted brioche bun, the steak itself was cooked perfectly as it is not tough and easy to cut into. Served with melted cheese, salad, and a nice tomato sauce, it didn't last on the board for long. Would I say this is better than Three Blue Ducks'? Hmm, maybe not, it was good in a different kind of way. Recommended for steak sandwich lovers!

Mushroom burger 
Mushroom lover, you have got to order this. Generous serving of mushroom cooked down to perfection. Served with a nice i-dont-know-what sauce and a side salad. It is a good option for vegan, and although it didn't have any meat, me and my friends enjoyed it to every bits.

Smoked haddock omelette 
It may seem like a plain omelette with little bits and pieces in it. But it's not. When you bit into the smoked haddock, you know what it's one of the specialties in Bootsdarling. It was served with chili, mint, and raita yogurt. Perfect for sharing in the middle.


Would definitely be back to try their very famour Pork Hash dish! It was so packed that day that they're out of pork hash :(

Food: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8/10

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  1. Oh wow looks good, I was looking a brunch place to go to.

  2. I highly recommend this place! get the pork hash and tell me what you think ;)) <3