Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jones the Grocer

Ever go to level 5 of Westfield Pitt St mall? I bet you can't pass by Jones the Grocer without first taking one good glance of their cake and pastry display... Their display, so colorful and pretty, is an absolute head-turner.

They have wide range of sandwiches too, the size is quite big compared to most cafe sandwiches.

The entrance to the grocery and the restaurant. In the middle is like a mini fromagery where they got all sorts of delicious cheese. I wish I have one at home and I can eat them all the time without gaining weight.

It looked pretty quiet cause I was here at around 10.30am and I bet this place is crowded every lunch time and dinner, cause when I left at around 12pm, this place had started to be filled up with hungry office people or just the mall visitor. It has a very cosy atmosphere, maybe because of the dim lightning and so it's a nice place for casual lunch, business talk, or simply just chilling with your friends. Although it was too dark that it was quite difficult to get good picture of the food. But overall, it was a very nice place. Although I was quite disappointed of how the lunch menu starts at 12pm and I got there too early that I had to choose from the breakfast menu. I have always wanted to try their pastas.

Mocha (AUD 3)

All their regular coffee costs AUD 3, and it was quite cheap compared to other coffee shops cause it's usually 3.50 or more. Plus it was a good coffee, so its a great deal.

Breakfast burger - chorizo, sunny side up, mozzarella and some spicy mayo with hasbrown (AUD forgot the price)
There's only one thing I didn't like about this burger, and it's the chorizo. It was downright burnt. I know it shows red color in the picture, but when I flipped it, it was all burnt on the other side. Despite that everything else was okay. Nothing stands out about this burger, but Jones the Grocer does use a high quality brioche bun and I love it. Overall, it was a pretty good dish, will be better if the chorizo wasn't burnt.

Breakfast risotto with poached egg and hollandaise sauce (AUD 14)

First thing that I have to highlight here is the portion. It came in a dish that is almost as small as a saucer, me and my friends were quite shocked when we saw it. But then again, it was under breakfast menu so don't expect a generous portion. But still, compared to the breakfast risotto in Cafe Morso, it was tiny. Tastewise, it was really good. Nicely cooked risotto, generous hollandaise sauce. So nothing to complain tastewise, all so good and perfect :) Although I would say that I prefer the breakfast risotto in Cafe Morso.

Benedict breakfast, smoked ham, spinach & poached free range eggs on house baked muffin (AUD 17)
This is different from a classic Eggs Benedict in only one way: the way it's assembled. In the middle was a stack of english muffin, smoked ham, english muffin, spinach and poached egg at the top. On the side of it was a lonely poached egg. I still don't understand why it was plated that way, lol. It has generous hollandaise sauce poured on top. Overall, it was an okay Eggs Benedict, although the hollandaise sauce was too runny and it doesn't have a wow factor.

As usual, an eggporn action.

Mango, passionfruit and coconut cake (AUD 4.90)
We got ourselves a slice of cake from the cake display outside. This cake has mango mousse on the top part along with a nice and moist pound-cake-like bottom, on top was passionfruit glaze that has a pretty orange-red gradient. The only coconut I saw was the desiccated coconut on its side. It was a really good cake, not heavy at all, very refreshing. I specially love the passionfruit glaze on top.

Sticky date pudding (AUD 12)
Just when we thought we can't order dessert under lunch menu, the staff told us that we can cause they're ready and it was about 11.30am. So we ordered their famous sticky date pudding. It took some time to came out, but it was worth the wait. It was fingerlicking yummy! The combination of the sticky date pudding with the warm butterscotch sauce and the nice vanilla ice cream works really well together and it wasn't too sweet at all. Absolute perfection! Highly recommended!

The inside of the sticky date pudding. It has a sticky date center, I don't know if it shows in the picture.
Anyway, it was a very good ending to our meal and I should say that this is the best dish of today's meal. Second is the breakfast risotto. Or is it maybe because I'm such a big fan of risotto?


Would definitely be back for the sticky date pudding and of course the next visit here will be pass 12pm cause that's when they offer lunch menu. Would be back to try their orecchiette with braised beef and shaved truffle!

Food: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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