Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Good Eggs, Surry Hills

I gotta say, I judged a book by its cover and I was wrong. The story is... I was browsing for brunch places in Surry Hills and was recommended this one restaurant by Urbanspoon, called Two Good Eggs, and so I googled this cafe and found a picture of the interior. It has a very plain design and there's nothing unique about it, unlike other cafes I've seen. You know like those cafe with nice view, nice interior design; one cafe even got a bicycle hung up on the ceiling. Although it has a very rating, I never considered this place.

Few days ago, however, I gave this place a chance and tried it out... fell in love, and came back this morning. So that's 2 visit in a week. Need to be noted here though, their portion is huge and so come here only when you're that hungry. Or else, there's gonna be a lot of wasted sourdough, and I can't stand but eat it (happened today when I ate all the sourdough my friends left).

As I've told you, the interior is quite plain, but it does have a good natural lightning from the sun cause it's surrounded by windows. So it's good for taking pictures of food or picture with friends. Or if you prefer a #selfie. 


The staff was very friendly and I'd say that service was good and everything went very well. Food came out fast and all at once.

Mocha ($3.80)

They use Toby's Estate coffee bean. It was a decent mocha, frothed well and had a nice chocolate flavor. It's not too sweet or chocolatey, and I always love a tiny wafer on the side of my coffee :)

As the food came out all at once, all looking very good and appetizing, us girls can't help but take that mainstream shot from above. As I've said, the portion is HUGE, but it was just right for me ;)

Hash brown and Chorizo Stack - with sourdough, tomato sauce, tomato relish and scrambled egg (AUD 18.90) **

I can't pick anything that stands out from this dish, but every element here works very well together. It's a dish with simple ingredients, but it was done so well that it tasted specially good. The hash browns were crispy and at the same time very soft inside, nicely done spiced scrambled egg, the chorizo was so good it complemented everything else.

Roasted pork belly - with poached egg, caramelised onion, sourdough and hashbrown (AUD 18.90)
A generous three slabs of thick cut pork belly, roasted to great crispiness, it somehow has an oriental spice taste, but still it tasted really good with everything else. This time it was served with poached egg, sourdough and hash brown. The pork belly size was so big, my friend couldn't even finish it, although she's a pork belly lover.

Here's a closer look of the pork belly. 

Spanish Baked Eggs with spicy salami, black olives & manchego cheese served with sourdough  (AUD18.90)
I don't know about you, but I can't take my eyes off of that melted cheese on top. It was a very good baked eggs, with generous amount of diced salami, although there were times that I feel the tomato sauce was too sour, or maybe it's just because I bit an olive. Anyway, I dipped the buttered sourdough to the tomato sauce and I feel like flying. And the melted cheese on top is a plus point, so good.

Here's a closer look...

Some egg porn action.

Side of mushroom (AUD 3.80)
For an additional sides, we ordered mushroom and I was quite surprise that they actually gave us this much mushroom, and it was a portobello. Most brunch places serve button mushroom and in a very small portion.

These are the pics from my second visit this morning...

Prawn and Chorizo Linguini with spinach, cherry tomato, parmesan and garlic bread (AUD 18.90) **
It was a really nice pasta dish. Linguini was al dente, sauce was really yummy, you can taste the high quality olive oil they used. Prawn cooked to crunchy perfection and chorizo spikes up the dish. Few grates of parmesan cheese makes it all even more perfect. Nothing to complain here, all good. Garlic bread was okay, although I tasted more of the crispy fried shallot on top of it.

Two Good Eggs Breakfast- Poached eggs with Bacon, Hash browns, Roasted Mushroom, Tomato and Sourdough Toast (AUD18.90)

Confused between the option of getting a big breakfast or the Eggs Benedict, I thought why not add hollandaise sauce to the poached egg in the big breakfast. The sauce is all I wanted from Eggs benedict anyway. Their hollandaise sauce was a bit too sour, but still good. Other element in this dish was so simple, but executed very well. Huge portion, well worth the 19 bucks.

A bit of egg porn action once again...


The outside of Two Good Eggs. That's my friend Janice looking for her assignment paper that she thought she left in the cafe, lol. By the way, they have outdoor dining as well, but it was too cold that day. Weather down here has been fluctuating like crazy!

ps: **specials change every week. Call beforehand for this week's special. 

I give this cafe 4 thumbs up cause I haven't find anything wrong about the dishes I ordered and service was great, staffs were attentive and coffee was good. Highly recommended for brunch! Although, there's nothing very unique about this place, it's more of a go to place when you are looking for delicious dishes in a non fancy way.

Have a Good Friday everyone! God bless :)

Two Good Eggs on Urbanspoon

Food: 8.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8/10

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