Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hills

Mad Spuds is a cafe that have been one of my favourite cafes to have brunch or lunch. My ultimate go-to cafe, which serves perfect spud dishes. Seriously, their menu confused me as they all sound delicious...
It was a small little cafe on Crown St, which is always packed during the weekend, and fortunately it was a bit more quiet on the weekday when I was there. There are about 3 tables outside and the indoor seating wasn't that big either.

Let's move on to the DELICIOUS food.


Grilled beef burger - Roasted romatoes, cheese, beetroot, lettuce, aioli, hand-cut chips (forgot the price)

It was a good burger, with a moist patty and my favourite thing is the idea of roasted tomato and aioli in a beef burger. Such pleasant flavour all in one burger. Nice moist brioche bread compliments everything well. The hand-cut chips was very good, no surprise since this is a cafe about spuds.

Mad Pan Brekkie - Boston beans, spiced pork sausage, hash brown, poached egg, roasted sweet onion (AUD 16)

Best Boston beans I've had so far. And I'm usually not a fan of sausages, but that was one helluva sausage. Spiced very well that it gives a nice flavour to the sausage. I like the crispy hash brown and toast as the side to add texture to this dish. Great hash brown by the way.

Potato Nachos - crispy spud skins, spiced Mexican beef, smashed avocado, sourcream (AUD 16) extra poached egg (AUD 2)

I've never encountered a dish quite like this before. So it was basically a nachos dish, with the corn chips replaced by a crispy potato skin. The super, super nice chilli beef, with the creamy avocado and sourcream was perfect with the spuds skin. I super recommend this, if you ever come to Mad Spuds cafe, please order this dish, be it as main or sides.

Mad Spud Stack - Crispy potato cake, halloumi, avocado, roast onion, spud skinds, sweet potato, mint yoghurt (AUD 16)

4 thumbs up for the presentation! I seriously don't know how they manage to stack everything and bring it out to the table.
Tastewise, the potato cake itself was really good and everything else on the plate was cooked to perfection. The halloumi contributes to the saltiness, and the creamy avocado and mint yoghurt contrasted the crunchy spud skins. Although it there was no meat in this dish, it was still packed with flavour!

Taco Potato Skin - melted mozzarella, spiced beef, chilli sauce, sour cream (AUD 16) add extra poached egg (AUD 2)

I have to say that this is my second favourite after the Potato Nachos. The potato skin was so packed with flavour. The same spiced beef was used to top the skin, but with the mozzarella cheese (my favourite cheese) on top, it's just perfect for me. The chilli sauce and sour cream at the bottom so complimented the potatoes. And the slaw adds freshness to the dish. I so wanna have this right now, I wanna cry.

And I'm hungry.


Would definitely come back for everything. All dishes that I ordered never disappoint me, and I look forward to try other dishes too.

Food: 9/10
Ambience: 7/10
Price: $$

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  1. i still haven't checked out this place, despite it being on my list forever. I love the look of the potato nachos!

  2. yes the potato nachos is superb!
    good thing is that they don't have changing menu and so you can come anytime you want :)