Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Original Meatball Company, CBD

One amazing meatball sub, tasty fries, a bottle of water and my morning coffee... all just for 50 cents. Unfortunately, it was only for July 1st because it was the grand opening of the new meatball "company" on 56 York St, and they were giving away free meal. And the coffee shop beside it called Baker Bros had a promotion of 50 cents coffee if you pay using PayPal. Yes, you can actually buy coffee using PayPal now, technology blew my mind sometimes.

So yeah, all these for just 50 cents!! Yeay for my sister who found out about the Original Meatball Company and the free meal, you are a true cheapskate my friend, and so am I. HAHAHA.


Baker Bros also has selections of delectable sandwiches and pastries, I even think I saw cronuts in their pastries selections. And look! They have pork belly sandwich!

For 50 cents, I got myself a soy mocha. They used Bonsoy for the soy milk, and that is only my most favorite soy milk for coffee, and the most expensive actually. So the cheapskate in me told me that I should go soy.

Anyway, they serve great coffee, I'd so be willing to pay full price for this kind of coffee.


We arrived 30 minutes before the shop opened, so there was no line at all! So much win.

That was a very cool work outfit with a jersey and a baseball cap.

The owner officiating the opening of Original Meatball Company.


Mamma's Balls - pork & veal balls w/ ragu sauce, melted provolone cheese, dressed rocket leaf, served on rustic white (AUD 10.9)

The meatball was surprisingly tender and nothing like a swedish meatball, not like those meatballs you get from IKEA (which is also good). It was actually much more tender and doesn't only taste like ground meat, it tasted good and I can tell it was made with the best ingredients. The provolone was melted perfectly and was a perfect match to the balls, although the rocket wasn't my favorite. The rustic white roll was nice and soft.

The Yankee - beef balls, w/ american mustard, ketchup, cheddar cheese, sweet pickles, onion, shredded iceberg, served on white brioche (AUD 11.9)

The meatball itself was better than the one in Mamma's balls, in my opinion, and the classic combo of mustard and ketchup, pickles and onion was just nice and did not cover the actual taste of the meatball. And, I love brioche everything, I love brioche bun for burgers as much as I love brioche roll for my meatballs now. I might like this one better than the Mamma's ball, although the provolone on Mamma's was so good.

Let's not forget the fries, they were so amazingly seasoned, I don't know seasoned with what, but it was definitely good. It wasn't only salt or those chicken salt, it was actually something good. I'd definitely be back for their fries! And their other meatball selections, they also have salads for those worrying about their waistline. You know, those people who believes in:


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