Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bondi Pizza, Bondi Junction

Good pizza, good pasta, dessert, nice ambience, affordable price. With those words, Bondi Pizza comes to mind. And the good news is, you don't have to go all the way to Bondi for a good Italian food anymore, as you can find Bondi Pizza in other parts of NSW closest to you (Eastgarden, Paramatta and Brighton le Sands).

For the cozy ambience and great tasting food, the price that Bondi Pizza offer is quite affordable. They are definitely not stingy with the portion, too. I just love Bondi Pizza, from the interior to the service. To the fact that they serve honest, not pretentious, food. The presentation might not be five-star-glamorous, but they really know how to make good food. I personally adore their pizza selections, and the way that they present their pizzas. Simple, but super appetising.



Starter Share Plate - marinated meatballs, sizzling chilli prawns, grilled tandoori chicken bites, salt and pepper calamari. Comes with flat bread and dips: garlic aioli, BBQ mayo, mango chutney, cucumber yogurt dressing (AUD 39.95)

Me and my friends shared this between 8 people and it was the perfect portion. All the elements were cooked to perfection and was rich in flavour. I personally love the meatballs, to die for. The dips were okay, and my favorite would be the BBQ mayo. This is a perfect appetizer for sharing, but they also offer individual portion of these for around AUD 9.95 each.

Stuffed mushrooms - goats cheese, lemon zest, parsley stuffed mushroom with parmesan crust, served on a bed of rocket, drizzled with Italian balsamic glaze (AUD 9.95)

If you prefer an appetizer with no meat and is a little bit lighter, go for the stuffed mushrooms. This might be one of the best stuffed shrooms I've ever tasted. The parmesan crust was a great idea to give it a crunchy texture on top, contrasting the softness of the goats cheese. The drizzling of balsamic glaze was really nice, although I didn't like the rocket underneath.



Shoe string fries - serve with aioli (AUD 8.95)

Nice aioli to accompany this crissspy fries, generous portion!



Chicken Puttanesca - grilled chicken breast, kalamata olives and baby capers tossed in tomato sauce with a hint of chilli (AUD 23.95)

If you like tangy tomato sauce, this is definitely for you. The baby capers and olives sure added a lot of tanginess. Not a bad pasta, but this might be the one I like the least.

Chicken Carbonara - grilled chicken, baby spinach & creamy porcini mushroom sauce tossed through linguine served with crispy pancetta (AUD 23.95)

From the least I like above, here's the one I like the MOST. Might be my favorite carbonara of all time. You can really taste the porcini mushroom in the sauce folded through the pasta. It's the one component that lift up the whole dish. Yum yum.

Chilli Prawn Linguine - chilli prawns tossed through linguine, wild rocket, chilli & parsley in light olive oil served with a wedge of lemon (AUD 24.95)

Somehow this pasta tasted like an asian noodle, haha. The prawn was cooked perfectly and you can taste the chilli without it being too spicy.

Grilled Chicken Tenderloins - marinated grilled chicken tenderloins with a side of creamy porcini mushroom sauce served with shoe string fries & green salad (AUD 26.95)

If you're not feeling like a pasta, grab their grilled chicken tenderloins. They are pleasantly sweet from the marinate, and the creamy porcini mushroom was so dreamy. Oh, and the serving of the sides was quite humongous! You can probably share this between 2 if you're not too hungry.

Grilled Chilli Prawn - marinated chilli prawns, roasted capsicum, basil, roma tomatoes & pesto served with a side of chilli sauce ( 8" for AUD13.95 and 12" for AUD 25.95)

This pizza is so full of flavour, it's kind of like the chilli prawn linguine, in which you can taste the chilli with no heat. The pesto was a nice addition on top, and the chilli oil on the side adds a beat more chilli flavour. I love the pizza crust, it's one of those crust that is not too thin, yet not too thick and bready. Just the perfect thickness.

The Longboard - choose any 3 pizzas from the menu, 12" each (AUD 73.95)

Left to right:
Forgot what's the one on the left.
Classic Supreme - italian pepperoni, leg ham, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, spanish onion, kalamata olives, pineapple & pancetta.
Bondi Meat Supreme - pepperoni, wagyu meatballs, leg ham, pancetta, balsamic onions, mushrooms, rocket, BBQ mayo.

If you're in a group, why not grab a Longboard, where you can choose 3 pizza flavour, and is serve on a long wooden board. Talk about a head-turner. I completely forgot what's the one on the left, but my favorite would be the Bondi Meat Supreme (right), again the meatballs were great. Great addition to the pizza and I've never had pizza with meatballs on it. Oh, and it comes with selection of dips, too!



Classic Oven Baked Swirls - with vanilla ice cream and warm melted Belgian chocolate. Swirl fillings include: original, apple, banana and chocolate brownie (R for AUD 11.95)

These are me and my girl friends' favorite. The melted chocolate reminds me of Max Brenner's chocolate. But the winner is the Swirl. Warm brownie swirled in the bready bread, drizzled with melted chocolate was pleasantly sweet and the vanilla ice cream nicely contrast the warm dessert. Great ending for a great meal.


Will be back in the future for more pizza flavour and the carbonara! And of course, the dessert.


Food: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Price: $$

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