Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lorraine's Patisserie, CBD

In the CBD area and craving for refreshing cakes, but Black Star Pastry's strawberry watermelon cake is too far? Look no further, Lorraine's Patisserie has the perfect competitor for the infamous watermelon cake: the strawberry mascarpone cake.
Despite it's hidden location in Palings Lane, this patisserie definitely serves fine pastries. Baked freshly in the shop, you will be coming back for more!


Strawberry Mascarpone Cake - mascarpone layered with crisp coconut dacquoise and sliced strawberries (AUD 8.00/slice) *they also sell it whole, for more info click here*

This is best served chill out of their display fridge. In my opinion, this cake was flawless.
It has a great texture from the creamy, slightly sweet mascarpone, with the refreshing strawberries and the crisp, slightly chewy coconut dacquise. None of the element overpowers the other and therefore, you can taste everything from the coconut, strawberries and the mascarpone cream. Oh, and don't forget the brulee-d top.

my boyfriend Chris Pine says, "yum".

Frangipane Tart - seasonal fresh fruit and almond cream (AUD 6.50/slice or AUD 35.00/whole)

I'm usually not a fan of frangipane, as they usually have too strong of almond flavour. I can't stand the frangipane here, too, but eating them together with the strawberry and rhubarb on top, the almond was made subtler. 
It was a nice tart, but not even close to the mascarpone cake.


Find they're full menu here, but do make a call to check if they have what you want in the store, cause the display wasn't complete when I went, as I was there in the afternoon and I think they sold out most of the variety. Anyway, I will definitely comeback for some strawberry mascarpone cake. Although 1 thing I don't like is how they don't have a dining area and so everything is only for takeaway. Besides that, perfect pastries.

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