Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lumiere Cafe and Patisserie, Surry Hills

There aren't much brunch places that I visit more than 1 time, cause I'm always finding some place new to explore. But somehow, Lumiere Cafe and Patisserie in Surry Hills is an exception, for I've been here at least 4 times, and I'll still be coming back in the future.

Maybe it's the good food with generous portion or maybe it's the location that's convenience.
Oh, and it has the perfect walking distance to Messina on Crown St. So after the huge meal, I can let the food goes down a bit more, before I have my ice cream.
I think it's one of my routine every weekend to have my brunch, followed by Messina.
Does anyone else follow Gelato Messina on Instagram? If you don't you should. They update their Instagram on every weekly specials, and the flavours are always so appetizing.

Anyway, here are the food I ordered on my few visits to Lumiere Cafe and Patisserie.


Lumiere Nicoise Salad - Seared tuna steak with crispy potatoes, soft boiled egg, tomatoes, green peas, kalamata olives, caperberries (AUD 20)

I was so happy to see everything on the plate. The tuna steak were seared to my liking, which is barely blushing in the middle and caramelised on the top. I switched the soft boiled egg to a poached egg and all the vegetables were perfectly seasoned with the olives and caperberries adding saltiness to the dish. Very light, but filling lunch. Finished the whole dish myself.

Lumiere Style Eggs Benedict - poached eggs, prosciutto, grilled asparagus, rocket, hollandaise, on toasted croissant (AUD 19)

I'm a fan of Eggs Benedict, but not too fond of the English muffin it's supposed to be served on. So Lumiere's Style I love, as it was served on perfectly toasted croissant, covered by the generous slices of prosciutto. Just when you feel that everything is too heavy, the grilled asparagus and rocket adds to the vegetable-ness of the dish. Vegetableness ain't really a word. But you know how after a heavy meal you want some veggies to sort of "balance" things out?
Okay, maybe that's just me.......

Lumiere's Famous Wagyu Beef Burger - with bacon, tomato, beetroot, provolone cheese, lettuce, horseradish mayo, homemade tomato relish, served with fries (AUD 20)

Feeling super hungry? Worry not. Lumiere's famous burger will surely fill you from morning till before dinner. The burger was quite huge, and the fries on side was oh so generous. Perfect meal for those with big appetite. The patty weren't too thick, but was very juice. But, the tomato relish was too sweet for my liking. 
I'm loving the use of horseradish mayo for the sauce, adds a very nice flavour to the whole thing.

Corn Cake Stack - poached eggs, bacon, avocado mash, homemade tomato relish, served on sourdough toast (AUD 19)

Can't help but adore how perfectly they poached the eggs. Look at how clean and round the eggs are, it's looks impossible.
Anyway, the corn cake itself was not very rich in flavour, and the tomato relish was still too sweet for my liking, I had to add a lot of salt to it. So this dish may be the least I like from everything I've tasted here.

French Toast of Brioche - with caramelised banana, crispy bacon & pure canadian maple syrup (AUD 19)

I've heard about maple bacon, but I haven't tried it anywhere, until this dish. And I gotta say, bacon and maple syrup are coupled for a reason. They're a match made in heaven. Especially with the very, very rich brioche french toast covered with good maple syrup.
I was drooling, just thinking about the bacon, let alone the brioche.
The caramelised banana contrasted the saltiness of the bacon nicely.
Man, I'll do anything just to have that bacon right now...

Ricotta Hot Cakes - with mixed berry compote, mascarpone, pure canadian maple syrup and honeycomb (AUD 20)

Best ricotta hot cakes I've tasted. Super thick and fluffy, smothered in sweet maple syrup, on a pool of sour mixed berry compote. Although, I do prefer the mascarpone to be switched to a vanilla ice cream. Or better yet, mascarpone ice cream. Oh yum, yum.
Anyway, a must have to share for dessert! Or in my case, pre-dessert before my Messina.
No wonder I have no luck in dieting.


Food: 8/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Winery, Surry Hills

So me and the Mr. were strolling down the infamous street of Surry Hills, to find some good brunch place because I was craving for some good egg the night before. But we took too long to decide what to eat and it was too late in the afternoon, so we decided to have lunch instead. Was walking from the Kurtosh area, down till Pressed Juice/Kawa area and we were too hungry.
So when we stopped by the entrance of The Winery, we decided to give this place a go.

Oh and by the way, can I put a hashtag throwback on this post, because I'm still in Jakarta and this is just a throwback post :)


Although the location was quite hidden, you won't miss the pretty trees and potted plants surrounding the restaurant, with lots of outdoor tables outside the restaurant with lots of people clinking their wine glasses while having a good chat over delicious food. So we decided to went in, because we saw waiters/waitresses bringing food out and they all look so good and our stomach were growling.


We chose a table on the border of the indoor/outdoor area, to get access to natural sunlight, whilst not directly shun by it, it was too sunlight-y, and unlike me who love to be under the sun, my boyfriend find it annoying. Maybe cause it makes it hard for him to see my face...


250g Sirloin (Black Angus, 150 + day aged, grain fed, Darling Downs, QLD) - with Cafe de Paris butter, red wine jus and chips (AUD 33)

You know when you're watching people eating in the telly and they say, "it melts in your mouth", I've never understood what they meant. It just doesn't make any sense to me that a steak can "melt" in your mouth. But now that I've tried this steak here, I understood that the fat of the steak had been rendered down so properly that it actually melted once it hit your mouth.
The meat was so succulent and juicy, with the butter actually adding to the flavour of the red wine jus. And the fries, although it was a bit bland, with a sprinkling of salt it was ok. Huge portion of fries, by the way.

Palmers Island Mulloway - with truffled cauliflower, Johnny love bites and potatoes (AUD 28)

Me and the Mr. is a huge dan of generous portioning. So when we see the generous serving of the fish, we were so happy.
The skin was a crispy perfection and all the sides of the fish were seared nicely, whilst the center remains moist. They were seasoned nicely, too.
The potatoes were just like the fish and the inside were still fluffy. The truffled cauliflower had nice flavour and the Johnny love bites (which I googled turns out to be tomatoes) were also a nice touch to add a bit freshness to the dish.

See what I meant with the generous portion of chips?


Food: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sisterfield, Bali

Oh, look at that. Another month of not posting.
 I have been editing food pics, but I didn't have the chance to write and post. But, now I finally have the chance to write. Yay!

So I went to Bali a few weeks ago for my friends' wedding. Have you ever seen wedding venues in Bali? They are amazing. Very, very romantic setting, especially when you're lucky to catch the beautiful sunset of Bali. I'll share one picture at the end of this post :)

Anyway, in the morning before the holy matrimony, me and my friends had the chance to have brunch in this hype brunch place that just opened in Bali. I've been putting this on top of my list before I went and even looked it up on Instagram to see the menu. By the way, is it just me or does anyone else hashtag-search a restaurant just to see what the food looks like, instead of just looking at the menu?
I do it all the time, especially at midnight. Maybe I like the challenge of sleeping while having a growling tummy.


Being in Sisterfields takes me back to Sydney. The salad bar near the entrance, the freshly baked pastries on the countertop, the coffee brewing. And the fact that there's lots of Aussies there.

First place in Indonesia to serve free water!
Although it's definitely not tap water. Because God knows what's in Indonesia's tap water, that we can't drink it.

Smooth Operator - Banana, strawberry, honey, yogurt (IDR 55.000)

Fresh smoothies are very much needed considering I had been sweating crazy under Bali sun. So this was a perfect option in Bali's forever summer weather. 
It was thick and huge, I was struggling to finish it after my meal, so I think it's best to share.
The green bits in it was mint leave blended through the smoothies. I have to say the leaves ruined the smoothie's already-great flavour, just because I don't like mint leaves.

Cappuccino (IDR 28.000)

I was missing the chocolate powder on top, but the froth was perfect. The coffee itself was also good. One of the top coffees I've had in Indo.

House Hot Smoked Salmon Bagel - with caper cream cheese (IDR 80.000)

This were my friends meal, and she said that the bagel was too hard to cut, or chew. Although I did have a taste of the smoked salmon and cream cheese. As always, those two are perfect combos and I love their smoked salmon! Top notch. Too bad the bagel was too hard.

Eggs Your Way - bacon, sauteed mushroom, roast tomato, spinach on grilled sourdough (IDR 75.000)

This was the most uncreative order made by yours truly. You know when there's too much choices, sometimes we go for the one we know is going to be good. And I was also craving for some egg, bacon and shrooms, and sourdough.
The best part is, because they offered 2 eggs, I can choose to have one scrambled and one poached. The eggs were done perfectly both ways, and the other elements, except for spinach. It was bitter for some reason. Anyway, finished this dish happily.

Sisterfields Dirty Burger - two beef patties, smoked cheese, pickled onion rings, mustard, aioli and special house sauce served with hand cut chips (IDR 80.000)

Talk about huge meal! This, I must say, was the best of all dishes we ordered. Let me break it down to you.
The double beef patties, so juice, I thought it was a watermelon (I tend to take exaggeration to the next level). They have just great flavours.
Smoked cheese, perfectly melted, covered the beef patties.
The mustard and aioli complement the crispy onion rings really well.
Those were served in between two buttery, soft buns.
Oh and the chips, just like McDonalds'.

Pulled Pork Charcoal Roll - with fennel & cabbage coleslaw, home made bbq sauce (IDR 70.000)

I love pulled pork! In fact, I love everything slow-cooked until it's so friggin tender and juicy. This pulled pork and coleslaw combo was perfect, the bbq sauce was nice too. Unfortunately, the charcoal roll was really like a charcoal. Black and hard. It was too hard to be cut, let alone chew.
But, leave the roll, the filling was very yummy.

Brioche French Toast - with caramelised banana, banana ice cream, candied walnuts, walnut whip & maple syrup (IDR 65.000)

I never forget about dessert. And how perfect does brioche french toast sound? I have to say that this is one of the best french toast I've had. First, because of the banana everything, and I love banana. The banana ice cream was so good and the texture was perfect with the addition of walnut and caramelised banana. Not too sweet, but definitely full of banana! Yumm-o.


ps: All prices are subject to 10% government tax and 5% service charge.


Sisterfields in Seminyak, Bali, is a must-go-to place in Bali if you're looking for good all-day breakfast. Although, yes, Bali's local food are great and super good. But if you're craving for some good Aussie breakfast, Sisterfields is the answer.

Food: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Price: $$



And as I promised, here's some pics of my friends Nicho and Liza wedding: