Friday, October 24, 2014

The Winery, Surry Hills

So me and the Mr. were strolling down the infamous street of Surry Hills, to find some good brunch place because I was craving for some good egg the night before. But we took too long to decide what to eat and it was too late in the afternoon, so we decided to have lunch instead. Was walking from the Kurtosh area, down till Pressed Juice/Kawa area and we were too hungry.
So when we stopped by the entrance of The Winery, we decided to give this place a go.

Oh and by the way, can I put a hashtag throwback on this post, because I'm still in Jakarta and this is just a throwback post :)


Although the location was quite hidden, you won't miss the pretty trees and potted plants surrounding the restaurant, with lots of outdoor tables outside the restaurant with lots of people clinking their wine glasses while having a good chat over delicious food. So we decided to went in, because we saw waiters/waitresses bringing food out and they all look so good and our stomach were growling.


We chose a table on the border of the indoor/outdoor area, to get access to natural sunlight, whilst not directly shun by it, it was too sunlight-y, and unlike me who love to be under the sun, my boyfriend find it annoying. Maybe cause it makes it hard for him to see my face...


250g Sirloin (Black Angus, 150 + day aged, grain fed, Darling Downs, QLD) - with Cafe de Paris butter, red wine jus and chips (AUD 33)

You know when you're watching people eating in the telly and they say, "it melts in your mouth", I've never understood what they meant. It just doesn't make any sense to me that a steak can "melt" in your mouth. But now that I've tried this steak here, I understood that the fat of the steak had been rendered down so properly that it actually melted once it hit your mouth.
The meat was so succulent and juicy, with the butter actually adding to the flavour of the red wine jus. And the fries, although it was a bit bland, with a sprinkling of salt it was ok. Huge portion of fries, by the way.

Palmers Island Mulloway - with truffled cauliflower, Johnny love bites and potatoes (AUD 28)

Me and the Mr. is a huge dan of generous portioning. So when we see the generous serving of the fish, we were so happy.
The skin was a crispy perfection and all the sides of the fish were seared nicely, whilst the center remains moist. They were seasoned nicely, too.
The potatoes were just like the fish and the inside were still fluffy. The truffled cauliflower had nice flavour and the Johnny love bites (which I googled turns out to be tomatoes) were also a nice touch to add a bit freshness to the dish.

See what I meant with the generous portion of chips?


Food: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Price: $$

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