Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Burger Project, CBD

Today I came back home to Sydney and finally I can have some good walk with fresh air. Seriously, you'll never know how special this clean air is until you've experienced the humid air of South East Asian countries, particularly Indonesia. But still, loving the home country.

But anyway, since I'm back, I'm planning on filling this few weeks here with eating out. And cause I was too tired and it was raining all afternoon, I decided to go to a place nearby and that's this Burger Project by Neil Perry, just besides Din Tai Fung.
For some reason, the Burger Project has hyped a lot of people in Sydney, especially foodies, so I was so excited to give this place a go... 

Was here at 8 pm after my first dinner at 6. The line was OK, compared to what I had in mind. But guess what, Din Tai Fung was empty. I've never seen Din Tai Fung being so empty.

Anyway, when I walked in, I saw pork belly sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be prepped. And wow they look gorgeous. Unfortunately after the first dinner, I don't feel like eating something as heavy as pork belly. So we'll just save that for the next visit.

Here are some raw Crispy Hot wings waiting to be fried. Can't imagine what's in that chicken, that even the wings are that huge. Wondering how big that chicken is.


Cheese Burger - Grass fed beef, cheese, pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce & secret sauce (AUD 8.90)

Instead of savouring their pork belly burger for my first try, I decided to order the cheese burger instead. The patty was quite thick, although it wasn't as big as the bun itself. The thick shape actually keeps it juicier and the middle is perfectly pink, just the way I like my beef cooked. Although I couldn't find the wow factor to this burger, I did enjoy it thanks to the double slices of cheese and the soft bun itself.
Too bad though, I couldn't really taste the 'secret sauce', as there was too little. But overall, quite okay, like a 6.5/10. 

The Spicy Dog - hot pork sausage, cheese, pickles, crispy onion, raw onion, lettuce, mustard & tomato sauce (AUD 9.50)

Who wouldn't love a slab of thick spicy chorizo on a soft bun? And plus the melted cheese on top was nice accompanied by the crispy onion. Although the crispy onion had a bit of bitter taste, it balances of the spiciness of the chorizo quite well. The crispiness also adds to the texture of the dog. Just when I think that crispy onion is Asian, Neil Perry decided to put it on top of a dog, and it tasted brilliant.
On the other hand, the raw onion is just unbearable for me, simply because I couldn't stand the smell.
Nice portion for 9 bucks I must say, cause it's quite filling and the topping was generous.
But my favorite thing, again, is the bun. It was so soft and fluffy, it was like eating cloud holding pork sausage.

House Made Chips - thrice cooked, with choice of salt, salt & vinegar or chipotle chili (AUD 4.90)

Today, I chose chipotle chili, just because.
At first bite, the exterior was crispy with generous sprinkling of the flavouring powder, adding to the taste and the portion was good for sharing. Or individually. I was just sharing cause I wasn't that hungry, as this is really my second dinner of the night.

House Sodas - passion pop (AUD 4.70)

Take a passionfruit syrup and soda water and ice. You have yourself a passion pop soda. Nothing too special about this soda, although it was quite refreshing. Though me and Mr. regretted not ordering the Rockpool Beer as people were ordering it and it looked nice paired with all the food. Oh, talk about pairing, they have wine selections too!


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  1. 2 dinners 2 hours apart? Not judging, just saying! :)

  2. mmm looks good! everyone is talking about it haha!~

  3. Was this the first meal right after you landed in Syd? Hahaha. Is Indonesia's air worse now? :(

    1. hehe yuppp first dinner :D..
      it's really getting worse, hotter and more humid ;( we dont even get clear sky no more!