Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gondo's Kitchen, Jakarta.

So now I'm back to Jakarta again and this time I'll be in Jakarta for a while.
5 days after I touched down, I did a pop-up restaurant that I've planned for a month before I leave to Sydney. Oh and ps: it's only been a week since I left Sydney, but sometimes I still feel like I left my heart there. It's killing me seeing other fellow blogger from the 'Sydney Food Blogger' Facebook group posting about restaurants down under.
But this pop-up has sure cheered me up ;)

And I just thought that this is an event worth sharing, since it's my first pop-up restaurant in Jakarta. And I'm naming it Gondo's Kitchen ;)

It took place in a cooking studio called Almond Zucchini that is owned by few foodies in Jakarta, and it opened September this year. The photographer that day told me that it was their first pop-up. Now, that's exciting!
What I love about Almond Zucchini is that they're kitchen was aaaaawesome. I would love to have that kind of kitchen myself when I have my own place. With natural lights from the glass ceiling and they have almost every utensils and kitchenware in place.

Gondo's Kitchen had a team of 5 people and they are all very talented cook and host, I am very thankful to have such a great bunch to support my first pop-up. We had so much fun in the kitchen that it didn't feel like a hectic service at all.

Although it was hectic two days before at my house when I prepped everything myself, I was so beat the last two days. But on the actual day, it was very relaxing and I was very happy with everything.

This time, I was doing a two course menu (main and dessert) and I brought some of Sydney's favorite back to Jakarta and into Gondo's Kitchen. That is the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict and Strawberry Watermelon Cake. Although both done my version, the credit goes to John Smith Cafe and Blackstar Pastry :).

Here are some of the pics that I wanted to share, the full album is available here.

These are the focaccia that I got from BEAU by talitasetiyadi. It was so nice and fluffy in the inside and the crust gets crispy when toasted in the oven. Served this as complimentary bread.

Cranbery pomegranate tea with basil seed.

Breakfast Lasagna - choice of beef or flaked salmon lasagna, mushroom bechamel, sunny side up, spiced breadcrumb.

Pulled pork eggs Benedict - pulled pork, poached egg, hollandaise, BEAU's sourdough, parmesan tatertots and side salad.

Matcha creme brulee - raspberry macaron shell, matcha cookie crumb.

Deconstructed strawberry watermelon cake - almond dacquoise, rose scented cream, watermelon, strawberry, chopped pistachiio, edible rose.
Although now it looked more like a parfait ;)

These are some of the guests captured on both session.

It was great for a first timer and I do learn a lot from this service. So looking forward to the next pop-up!



  1. This is such a brilliant idea! When will the pop-up happen in Syd? :)

    1. Hey! Sorry I've not been blogging for a month now :(, just saw your comment..
      Thankyouuu and hopefully it will happen some time next year as I'm coming back there! :))) you'll defo be on my list!