Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Valentine's pop up brunch and stuff.

It is 3 AM Sydney time, but I'm too insomnia to sleep. And so the cure to my insomnia is always posting something here till my eyes get tired and then sleepy.

Sooo, initially I wanted to post my last pop-up brunch pictures here. But why not a little bit of FAQ discussion to start.

Here's a question I hear a lot whenever I meet new people here in Sydney once they hear what I do since I graduated.

"Are you a chef?"

I guess the answer depends, what is people's idea of a "chef". Is it addressed to people who work in the kitchen? Is it people who loves to cook?
Because I used to think that chefs are people who work in commercial kitchen, but apparently I am wrong. At least according to someone who I met during my third pop-up. Apparently she thought that being a chef means having to have a degree in commercial cookery or at least hospitality, anyone else would appear as a non legit chef. There's even a celebrity chef who has been a chef for 20 years now and already has his own restaurant, that she didn't acknowledge as being a chef -- simply because he didn't hold any cooking diploma.

Totally disagree with her, but then again, people's perspectives are different.

There are also some people who thought of me as a chef, but totally underestimated me on first sight. Simply because either I'm too skinny (according to them) for a chef, or too girly-girl and all those stuff. I cannot be anymore shock. Days I had spent going around town (even to some dodgy places) to find suppliers, lifting groceries obamaself and those sleepless nights prepping- all flashed back to mind.

Yes, I am not an experienced chef and I am a food science graduate (so different from commercial cookery and, no, I didn't learn any molecular gastronomy). I have not yet practice fancy methods, with all the fancy french terms and all. Heck, I didn't even have restaurant experience yet.

But hey, doesn't matter what people think about my physique, what my background is and my past experiences. I just know that I love to cook, I love to play restaurant, I love pop-up, meeting people and serving them food, coming up with new dishes, making up systems and directingkitchen teams. And it gives me such great joy when people enjoy my food ;)

So, to answer the question, I may or may not be a chef.
Though being a chef is never really my long-term goal, it's being a restaurateur I'm after.


Okay, enough with the jibber jabber, here's some pics of my last pop up hehe ;)

at Common Grounds, Jakarta, Indonesia <3

ps: they serve awesome coffee and have the best team I've met so far! ;)


  1. It looks SUPER AWESOME (I just had to capslock it) hahaha. Is this gonna happen in Sydney too?

    1. awwwww THANK YOU :):):) hehe!
      yes!! hopefully the end of April!! :)